February 2014


Jeremy Rockliff is the Deputy Leader of the Opposition.  He's also the Member for Braddon.  If you believe this ad, north-west coasters love farming A LOT and they’re very proud of their area.


Jeremy Rockliff is about as safe as you could be going into a Hare Clark election.  He's the Deputy Leader, controversy free and his party is on the cusp of a strong result.  He's going to be returned.

My guess here is that he wants to top the poll.  In 2010 he was narrowly beaten for the most first preferences by Labor's then backbencher, Bryan Green overall, but still polled highest for the Liberals.

But with the ever-popular Adam Brooks cashed-up and ready to push for a senior Ministry, my only guess as to the reason for this kind of election spend is that he wants to make sure he's top dog in Braddon.

I don’t know Rockliff at all, but I’ve never met a politician without an ego when it comes to these matters.

The Ad

Damn this looks expensive.  As #politas' number 1 newsman Alex Johnston said, this looks like Spielberg has been brought in to film the pitch.

The cost is unknown.  I've put together a few political ads in my time, but none with a budget of over $5,000 and none with even close to the amount of work in it that this baby has.  It's actually quite astonishing and takes you in a completely different direction to every other ad you'll see.  It contrasts particularly well against the cheap and nasty (although effective) Palmer United ads.

I reckon this is a winner.  It's refreshingly different to the dozens of other election ads we're seeing on commercial television to date. 

But bloody hell would this be expensive.  I first suspected he might have simply bought the flyover footage of the northwest coast second-hand, but he's got shots following his Liberal Party marked truck driving down the dirt roads so I’m assuming he hired a helicopter (maybe it landed on Brooksy’s chopper pad in the outtakes?).

I'm no fan of spending caps so I don't really mind how much he spent, but if you were assessing a value for money proposition between this and other ads that mostly only cost a few grand, you might have to question it.  That’s about all I can find wrong with it though.

It might have zero policy in it, but I think it’ll work.  I go all warm and fuzzy watching it, and I’m up to take-10.

The full ad goes for a minute.  Again, that's different to anything else. 

It actually gives a bit of a shiver down the spine with how beautiful the scenery is, so I've booked a trip to Burnie next week.

The intention is to associate the north-west's pride its history with Rockliff.  I think it works a treat.

This could be campaign ad of the election for mine (unless Besty has brought in David Boon this year).

Concept:  9/10

Production:  10/10

Delivery:  9/10 (can you speak up a bit please, Jeremy?  Use your 'Parliament voice'.)

Humour:  0/10

Likely success of this ad:  8/10



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